0xGames becoming a nominated EOS block producer

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Along with integrating with an ever-increasing list of blockchain solutions, 0x has cast its hat into the ring of EOS. Specifically, the team is set to be nominated as one of the candidates to become a block producer on the EOS ecosystem.

The decision comes from an extensive amount of experience that the 0x team has had in developing on EOS. Along with the company’s vision of video games as a major driving force within the decentralized ecosystem.

“We do believe that the EOS network is a great platform for DApps. We understand the inner workings of the gaming space. That is why we are confident that video games can become one of the major promotion channels for the distributed ledger tech to become a part of everyday life.”

The team has its sights set on helping the ecosystem evolve, making it a more accessible, revolutionary force.

“0xEOS is developing features and seeking for solutions that will facilitate the adoption of dApps and upgrade the EOS network in general. We’re inviting everyone to expand the EOS universe together with us!”

Vote for the 0xEOS team to become one of EOS block producers: https://zeroxeos.com/




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